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Understanding How The Brain Works & How We Think, Act, & Learn

The brain is the most complex computer that exists. It is capable of achieving this despite the fact that it has such a small volume. The brain is responsible for processing information, learning, memorizing new skills and information, and for all the decisions that we take. All of this work is done thanks to the neurons, which are the basic processing units of the brain.

The brain is powered by sugars, glucose and it uses electricity to process and transfer information amongst all its parts. The brain is made of various parts where each part has specific tasks.

 There is the frontal lobe, which is where emotions are created, logical reasoning is formed, planning, speaking and some tasks associated with the movement are managed here

There is the parietal lobe: where we process pain, pressure on the body, and the analysis of the 5 senses.

There is the occipital lobe,  which is responsible for visions, recognition of faces and objects.

There is the temporal lobe: which processes memory, speaking, hearing, and making sense of the sounds that we hear. This is where the hippocampus is located, which is a place where all information that comes in the brain crosses here. This is where Alzheimer’s disease starts.

Then there is the brain stem; this is at the bottom of the brain and it connects to the spinal cord. This part receives the messages that come from your body, which are subsequently carried by the spinal cord neurons. This brain part is also responsible for basic living activities, such as breathing, heart rate, sleeping, blood pressure, and swallowing food.

Then there is the cerebellum; this is close to the brainstem. This brain part uses the information that comes from the brainstem to direct other important basic living activities, such as balance, posture, walking, coordination of body parts.

Now that we know the main components of the brain, we will explain how they work together. These parts are connected via complex neuron pathways. A neuron stores information and processes it via the release of electrical current. When there is a stimulus, regardless of t its nature, the electrochemical balance on neurons changes, thus creating a short burst of electricity on them. This burst of electricity is passed onto nearby neurons. Depending on which neuron gets the electricity burst, we have feelings, emotions, etc. This is the reason why any imbalance of these electrochemical stimuli, changes the way how we act, and think. Neurodegenerative diseases are formed because neurons either fire too much electricity or fire too little.

Thoughts and emotions are a summation of all the electrochemical activity that happens in a particular area of the brain.  


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