Exhibit at the 2025 STEM Frenzy Stay tuned for details.

San Francisco, CA- STEM Frenzy festival is our annual family/community celebration where we share in a day of exploration.

Ready to inspire the next diverse STEM professional at Our STEM Frenzy Festival? Here is what you can expect

Deadline updates coming soon. 

The Community

We will partner with San Francisco, CA, K-5 schools for bus pickup and dropoff. The community will be diverse, with ages 5- 18 and their families. For many families, this will be their 1st time attending and learning about STEM enrichment for their children.

Exhibit Zones

Exhibiting organizations will receive a booth in their Stem Frenzy “Zone” such as the Science, Math, Health & Medicine, Engineering & Tech, Space & Aviation, Energy, and more.

Booth Styling

Customize your booth with images, video displays, QR codes for signup, and any fun way to boost engagement. We also recommend wearing a sweater, Jacket, or Shirt with your organization’s logo.


For Promotion, we will issue a press release with your organization if submitted before the festival, and another Press Release after the festival. We will also provide your information via email marketing and social media platforms.

Complete the form below to register as an exhibitor for our upcoming STEM Frenzy Festival. After you complete it, you will be redirected to our full exhibitor application. If you have any questions, please email us at info@STEMFrenzy.org


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