What we do at STEM FRENZY

Stem Frenzy is a project by the African American Early Childhood Educators funded by the Dream Keeper Initiative.

San Francisco, CA- Community Day

Annual STEM FRENZY Festival

A festival for families and the community to explore science, technology, engineering, and mathematics through engaging hands-on activities, inspiring demonstrations from top STEM organizations, raffles, prizes, and more!

Saturday STEM Frenzies

STEM Frenzy Workshops & Enriched Education Programming

Interactive learning experiences that allow learners of all ages to deepen their knowledge in STEM studies, gain confidence in their abilities and chart a course for future career opportunities in STEM fields.

Fun For the Whole Family

STEM Frenzy Family Field Trips

Our field trips bring the entire family together for learning, exploration, and innovation. We will visit national parks, museums, and other locations to strengthen children’s knowledge, parental/ guardian relationships, and sense of community.


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