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Understanding How Electricity, Power, and Energy Work: Solar, Gas, Wind, Water, Oil, & Nuclear

Energy is needed in every process that we take. Even thinking requires energy. Our society has grown so large that the energy demand is as high as ever. There are various sources to harness energy. Usually, our machinery is built to transform one form of energy onto another. When doing so, it is important to […]

Understanding The History of How The World Communicates & Uses Data

Communication is a  big part of our society and culture. We have been able to grow and expand so much as a species partially because of our ability to pass on information. Data management has been an important part of our culture since the dawn of time. The first methods of data communication are via […]

The History of Telephones, Radio, & Television

The radio, telephone, and television are mass media communication tools. They allow for fast and efficient long-distance communication. These inventions build on top of each other and the improvement of multiple technologies allowed for the creation of the television. The telephone was patented by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876. This was built upon previous discoveries […]

The History of Photography, Motion Pictures, Television, & Streaming

The principles of photography have been studied since the ancient Greeks. Newton added more depth to these studies with the discovery that light is made up of several colors. In 1814, Joseph Niepce created the first photography.  It was created via a device called camera obscura and it took 8 hours to capture the picture. […]

Understanding How Things Are Designed, Invented, Manufactured, Patented, & Used

The creation of a new product or service requires a lot of thinking. The process of designing new things goes through a lot of steps. For every area of consumer and business service, there is a program or software that is used to build new things. For architecture, we have AUTOCAD. For music, we have […]


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