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Understanding the History of Artistic Expression

Human expression is part of our nature. We love to communicate and to express our feelings. We express our feelings via various means of communication. We use speech, emotion, and body language to express what we feel. Throughout history, we have relied on various other means to communicate our feelings. Art has been a major […]

Understanding How The Body Works

The human body is the most complex machine that exists. The human body is made up of a couple of systems that all work together to keep us alive. These systems are : Musculoskeletal system: provides support, strength, posture, and motion. In this category, we have bones and muscles. Cardiovascular system: transports oxygen, nutrients, hormones […]

The Study of Water, Tides, Dams, Bridges, Boats, Floods, Tsunamis, Rivers, Lakes, Bays, & Oceans

Water is one of the most abundant resources on earth. It makes up more than 2 thirds of Earth. The physics of water is extremely important as it affects our biological wellbeing, but also it helps to regulate the climate. Water constantly moves between its 3 physical conditions: LIQUID, SOLID, and GAS. The cycle of […]

Understanding Air, Space, Oxygen, Pollution, Wind, & Flight Workshop

Air is all around us. Although it looks invisible, the air has massive consequences on all living beings and the planet’s climate. Air is made up of various gases, where the most abundant ones are oxygen, carbon dioxide, and nitrogen. You would think that oxygen is the most abundant gas in the air, but it […]

Understanding the Land, Continents, Mountains, Equator, North & South Poles, Nations, States, Counties, Cities, Towns, National Parks

Land and its ownership have been a driving force of wars between people, nations. Ownership of land is a driving force of competition between animals too. The land is formed by geological processes that last millions of years.  Land originates from the depths of the oceans, and it is the result of the clash of […]


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